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Water Sphere Act - Performances on Water

There is nothing quite as mesmerizing and as a Water Ball Sphere Performance. Intriguing and enchanting, our dancers gracefully balance and move within a large transparent sphere, creating a beautiful and fascinating visual experience. 

Our sphere dancers are world-renowned performers, having danced internationally, as well as on film and TV. The creative opportunities are endless, and we would love to work with you to create your perfect vision.

Acrobatics on Water
The Water Sphere performer does advanced Acrobatic poses inside the sphere, also known as Contortion. Twisting the body in beautiful shapes and poses for your guests to see.

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Huge Selection of Costumes!

Spice up your Water Sphere Show. Our one-of-a-kind LED Glow Costumes are a unique addition to your Water Sphere Performance Act. Dazzle with our LED Glow Costumes inside the Sphere

Choose from a variety of colors in our selection of LED Costumes. 

Great for Pools, Lakes, Stand-Alone on Land (Snow Globe or Air Sphere)
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Types of Shows with Water Sphere

Choreographed Routines
We can produce a special show for your event, like the one we did for Las Vegas’s most anticipated location, the newly minted Drai’s Beach Club atop the luxurious Cromwell Boutique Hotel. We choreographed a full production with our sphere dancer who was accompanied by several water acrobats. The gorgeous story was highlighted by powerful fire-breathers behind them. 

Want to wow your guests with elegance? Water sphere dancing provides the perfect backdrop to an event. Let your guests mingle while admiring the poise, balance, and grace of our sphere dancers. Our limber dancers can utilize contortion, ballet, yoga, and more to set a beautiful tone to your event.

Holiday and Winter-Themed
Water Sphere can be added as on-land entertainment and filled with faux snow or other goodies for a Snow Globe effect. The Snow Globe Performer is great for Winter Wonderland Events or Holiday Parties with a costume to match.

Our warehouse of costumes and accessories means we can stylize any event idea to your specifications. Hawaiian luau? Feature a luminous pearl dancer, the jewel of the islands. Private Party? A princess or mermaid, to delight and amaze your young guests. Corporate event? Provide a rare entertainment speciality that will leave an awe-inspiring impression. 

Watch our Water Sphere Dancer perform on water in our unique crystal clear globe. Add our Water Ball performer to your event as ambience entertainment or have a full choreographed performance act. Your guests will be amazed as our female or male trained sphere dancers perform on top of the water. 


Water Dancers

Synchronized Swimmers

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