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Fitness hooping is a great way to tone your body and have fun at the same time. Fitness hoops are unlike hoops purchased in department stores, because each one is weighted. It is important to have a hula hoop customized to your height, because a too small or too large hoop will affect your workout and your hooping. We will make sure you have the right hoop for you. You also get to choose your own colors for your hoop, because your fitness tools and dance props should be what you want. Our professional dancers and hoop artists will make sure your workout is never dull- we add belly dance to our hooping class to get you in on the hottest dance moves. If you have any questions about hooping, please email us anytime. If you would like to create your own class time and day, please email us for a class workshop. 



Would you like to learn hoop dance in the comfort of your own home? With your friends? Have one of our certified hoop dance instructors come to your home for a private group lesson. Our fun group lessons will get you started hula hooping into fitness. Burn 400 calories per hour with fitness hooping and have fun. Fitness hoop dance is one of the hottest workouts in the nation and is for any shape and size! You will love learning hula hoop tricks you never knew existed – hula hooping around the knees, legs, chest, around the body, and above your head. Tone your body and lose weight while having fun. A lot of our Hoop Dance private workshops take place in Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, CA – if you wish to have your hoop dance workshop in this beautiful park location.  


We are no longer selling hula hoops, but we do offer private lessons.


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Beginner Hoop Workshop* September 15, 2019

Fitness Hula Hoop Workshop for Beginners

Reserve your Spot Early! Limited Space!

Fitness Hooping is the Hottest New Workout! Hula Hooping is not just for kids. Did you know you can hula hoop around your thighs, knees, neck, chest, and above your head? Learn this brand new workout that tones your body and gives you the amount of daily Cardio your body needs- while having fun. Get started with our one-time class. Our beginner workshop entails a 60 minute workout with the hoop, tips & tricks with the hoop, unique dance moves you won’t learn anywhere else, and free assistance with selecting the right hoop for you. You can purchase your new hoop at the workshop! Our workshop is Everything You Need to Get Started with the Newest Way to Get Fit. Department store hoops are not made to meet your height/size. If you have tried to hoop and can’t keep the hoop going around your waist- we guarantee you will be able to hoop by the end of the this class. *We provide practice hula hoops if you do not have one! 


2:00-3:30 PM
60 Minute Fitness Hoop Workout + Dance moves + Introduction
WHAT TO WEAR: Comfortable Workout Clothes or Yoga Pants
Tennis Shoes (Recommended), Socks, or Bare Feet
*Please arrive early as we will start promptly at 2:00 PM

1:00-2:00 PM/3:30-5:00 PM
Hoop Shop will be open to get your new hoop!
Free assistance with choosing the right size hoop for you. Shop our selection or custom order your fitness hoop.