The Dancing Fire – Entertainment Company – Dance Company – Los Angeles


Advanced Hula Hoop Dancers

Our Professional Hoop Dancers are skilled in Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple, and Multi-Hoop Performance Acts. Our Hula Hoopers use Colored Hoops, LED Hoops, and even sizzling Fire Hoops. Spice up your next Event with our Hoop Dancers, LED Hoopers, or Fire Hoopers. 

Hire Hula Hoopers

The Dancing Fire Hula Hoop Dancers combine the art of Hula Hooping with a variety of Circus Tricks and Dance Genres. Whether your looking for a mind blowing LED Hula Hoop Show or a sexy Fire Hoop Show our performers are skilled in both. Single hoops, double hoops, multiple body hoops, and choreographed hoop dance shows are all our specialty. Our Amazing Hula Hoop Dancers are sure to surprise your audience!  

Fire Hoop Dancers

Fire Hooping combines our Hula Hoop Show with the dangerous element of Fire Dancing. Our Fire Hoop Dancers are also skilled in other fiery props and performance acts. Watch in amazement as 6 blazing fire wicks circle the bodies of our performers. And.. if your lucky enough to witness our double and triple hoop acts, you’ll see a total of 12-18 fire wicks spin around our dancers!  

Double and Triple Hoop Dance Acts

Our hard-to-find Double Hoop and Triple Hoop Dance Acts are crowd pleasers that leave the audience thinking “how did they do that?!” 

Hula Hoop Dancers - What Do They Wear?

We customize the Costumes of every show. Choose from a variety of specialty costumes, music, and dance styles. We fuse burlesque, gogo, jazz, belly dance, tango, modern, house, hip-hop, and more in our Hula Hoop Show. Request specific genres of leave the creativity up to us!  

LED Glow Hoop Dancers

Our LED Hoop Dancers create beautiful patterns of light and designs with our advanced LED technology. Our LED Hula Hoops are custom made exclusively for our team. Our engineers have produced hula hoops for us that have the ability to re-create images and words using LED technology.