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The World's Most Exciting Fire Dancers

Led by World-renowned fire dancer, Brittany Chandler, The Dancing Fire offers breathtaking shows for all types of events. Our performances can include a multitude of acts such as Fire Jugglers, Fire Breathers, Fire Eaters, Fire Poi, Fire Hoop, Fire Swords, and more hard to find fire show tricks to make your event unforgettable. Whether your shooting a movie, holding a corporate gala, or hosting a red carpet event, our Fire Dancers are sure to amaze any audience. We have Male Fire Performers and Female Fire Performers in our troupe. 

Our Mind Blowing Variety of Fire Acts delights guests all over the globe! We customize each and every Fire Dancing show with new and exciting fire props. Private Parties, Red Carpet Events, Product Launches, Birthdays, Nightclubs, Stage Shows, Fundraisers, Resorts, Film, TV, Commercials, Stunt Work, and More. We have fantastic relationships with Fire Departments across the United States as well as globally.




Corporate & Private Events Worldwide, Film & TV, Concerts, More
Indoor and Outdoor friendly Fire Shows.
Choreographed Performances (Stage-Style) One Big Show
Ambience (Background Performances) over Several Hours
Customized Fire Show
Hundreds of Costumes
See our Hula Dancers page for our Polynesian Fire Show

Sexy or Conservative Costumes for All Event Types


Professional Fire Dancing and Safe Fire Shows for Your Event

Our Mind Blowing Variety of Fire Acts delights guests all over the globe! We customize each and every Fire Dancing show with new and exciting fire props. Private Parties, Red Carpet Events, Product Launches, Birthdays, Nightclubs, Stage Shows, Fundraisers, Resorts, Film, TV, Commercials, Stunt Work, and More. We have fantastic relationships with Fire Departments across the United States as well as globally.

Production, Design, & Fire Safety

All of our dancers are on our Professional Team. When you book with us, you know your getting the best fire dancers that work together on a daily basis. We are fully Insured and have great relationships with Fire Marshalls and Fire Departments across the country. We make sure your fire show will be safe from beginning to end. Not sure you have room for a fire show? Need advice on planning a fire show for your corporate party? Ask us! We help in all the event planning needs free of charge. 


You Will Love our Fire Tricks, Fire Stunts, Fire Headpieces, Fire Mohawks

Not your average Fire Dancing Company. We create our own props and tools for our fire shows so you and your guests can enjoy something unique and new every show. The Dancing Fire is a Professional Team of Fire Dancers that work together to create the ultimate fire show for your event.  

Your Fire Show
Sample of Our Fire Acts

Our Shows include Multiple Fire Acts and Fire Props. For example, our Head Female Dancer is skilled in 14 different Fire Acts! Our Shows include Multiple Fire Acts and Fire Props. Ask us what we recommend for your Fire Performance. We Customize Costuming for each Event.

Professional Fire Performers

We have a vast repertoire of Fire Skills and Props: Fire Poi, Fire Staff, Palm Torches, Fire Hoops, Double Staff, Fire Orb, Fire Fans, Dragon Staff, Fire Sword, Fire Eating, Fire Knife, Balancing Fire Sword, Fire Breathing, Double Fire Knife, Fire Cane, Fire Headpieces, Fire Mohawk, Fire Hip Belt, Fire Wings, Fire Parasols, and More

Flame Throwers, Pyrotechnics, Stage Pyrotechnics, and More!

Fire Breathers, Fire Blowers, Fire Dragons

Fire Breathing is one of the most epic fire performance acts and also the most requested. Our Fire Breathers are highly skilled and advanced fire performers with years of experience. We do not use alcohol but only custom mixed solution made specifically for the art of fire breathing. Our Fire Breathers hold records for flame size and visual perfection. 

Fire Poi Spinning - Fire Spinners - Fire Poi Spinner

Fire Poi looks like great balls of fire on 2 chains spun in patterns around the body. Our advanced fire poi spinners are a favorite at corporate events and private parties. An advanced Female Fire Poi Spinner is hard to find and we have several on our team.    


Fire Eaters, Fire Eating, Fire Swallowers, Fire Painting

Fire Eating is the second most requested skill we do. All of our Fire Dancers are also Fire Eaters. Fire Eating, or Fire Swallowing, is great for indoor fire shows and gives our dancers a chance to get up close to our audience with the smaller flame size. Hire a Fire Eater for your next event and watch in amazement the art of fire eating! 


Fire Staff Spinning

Fire Staff Spinning is one of the fast Fire Props that we have – our performers are also skilled in Contact Fire Staff, Double Staff, and the hardest variation, Dragon Staff.  

Fire Fans

One of our client’s favorite is our Fire Fans. Performed best by The Dancing Fire girls, our Fire Fans are large and in charge.  

Fire Hoop Dancer - Fire Hula Hoops

Our Fire Hoop Dancers combine acrobatics with hula hoops and fire for a professional fire hoop dance act. Our Dancers perform with 1,2, and even 3 flaming fire hoops at once! Our Fire Hoop Dancers are advanced level and can also be combined with our LED Light Show. 

Fire Wings - Our One of a Kind

Welded by hand and Designed by lead dancer Brittany, Our Fire Wings are One of a Kind and a beauty to see in real life.  

Fire & Ice Show

Our Fire and Ice Theme show merges Glowing LED Costumes and Fire Dancing for a unique visual experience. Full LED Costumes and Fire says it all! Great for Fire and Ice Theme Events, Winter Wonderland Events, White Parties, Corporate Galas, and just when you want to add a whole new twist on Fire Dancing! 

Polynesian Fire Show with Authentic Hula & Tahitian Dancing

Our most booked Polynesian Fire Show that includes dances from the islands of Hawaii, Tahiti, and Samoa complete with Maori Fire Poi, Fire Knife Dancers, Fire Breathers, Fire Eaters, and more – View Videos and Details. Check out our Hula Dancers page for more on this show!

Carnival Fire Show

Our Carnival Fire Show is one of a kind! Beautiful and Bright costumes add to this Blazing Fire Show! Add Authentic Samba Dance and a Conga Line for the ultimate fun. Great for Carnival Theme Events, Mari Gras Entertainment, and more! Add a Fire Dancer to your Mardi Gras Party or Carnival Festival.

Belly Dance with Fire

Beautiful, sexy, mesmerizing! Our Fire Dancers fuse authentic Egyptian or Tribal style Belly Dancing with fire fans, fire eating, fire staff, fire swords, and more hot fire props. Great for Moroccan Theme Events or Arabian Nights. We also have Snake Charmers, Fire Eaters, Fire Breathers, and other acts to add to your typical belly dance show.  

Burlesque and Sexy Fire Dancers

Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Burlesque Dance creates one sexy fire show! Great for Great Gatsby Parties, Old Hollywood Theme Events, Roaring 20s, Casino Theme Events, and more. Our Fire Dancers have been a hit at Great Gatsby theme parties. 

Corporate Events

The Dancing Fire is always coming up with new ideas for business owners to present products in a creative way. We also have more formal attire for our corporate functions. Hire Fire Dancers, Fire Eaters, and Fire Breathers for Corporate Events, Product Launches, Promotional Events, and more. Our Corporate Clients love our Safety Procedures, Creative Design, Costumes, and that “Wow Factor” that gets everybody excited. 

Private Events

Book Fire Dancers for Private Events. Add our Exciting Fire Acts to your Private Event! Great for Product Launches, Celebrity Events, Red Carpet Events, Private Birthdays, Weddings, and More. 

Film, Television, & Photography

The Dancing Fire frequents movies, tv shows, and photoshoots for products, brands, and more! If you would like something custom created for your event or shoot, let us know and we’ll make it spectacular. 

Fully Insured, Fire Permits, Around the Clock Communication with You

Texting, email, phone calls, meetings. We will do whatever we can to make sure your show is perfect and safe. We have great relationships with Fire Departments across the country and can provide references upon request. We have an intensive Fire Safety Policy and training and would be happy to provide a copy upon request. Finally, we also are fully insured so you can sit back, relax, and watch your amazing fire show. 

Previous Clients
Event Customization, Costume Selection, Music Included

We perform with fire to a multitude of music genres – house, latin, african, brazilian, hawaiian, jazz, classical, hip-hop, top 40, club, belly dance, country, rap, swing, many many more. We work closely with you to match our costumes to your event style and theme. Worried our costumes are too sexy? We customize how much skin we show so if you have kids at your party we won’t give them too much to look at.

Fire Performers - Tricks & Skills

What do our fire dancers burn exactly? These are what are referred to as “fire props” – what is actually on fire! Our fire performers manipulate fire props to create that exciting visual you see during a fire show. Browse some of our tricks and skills below. 

Sexy Fire Dancers

All of our Fire Dancers are in top shape with professional costuming and makeup. Choose from our beautiful troupe of male and female performers.