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Belly Dance Classes and Dance Classes

The Dancing Fire offers unique classes for all levels, whether you wish to become a professional or would just like to get a great workout and tone your body. Every class is always filled with something new and fun to get you energized.
*Currently, The Dancing Fire is only booking private lessons and group classes/ workshops for your convenience. Learn any skill you would like and choose the best time for you. We offer private, semi-private, and group rates

Class Offerings


Belly Dance

-Beginner Belly Dance

-Intermediate Belly Dance

-Dance with Veil

-Dance with Wings

-Finger Cymbals (Zils)

-Advanced Technique

-Advanced Drum Solo Choreography

-Advanced Veil Technique

-Egyptian Stick (Cane)


Fitness Hula Hooping/Hoop Dance

-Beginner Fitness Hoop

-Intermediate Fitness Hoop

-Hoop Tricks 1

-Hoop Tricks 2

-Advanced Hooping

-Dance with Hoop

-Hoop Choreography


Hawaiian (Hula) Instruction

-Learn the basics of traditional Hawaiian dance

-Learn Tahitian and Polynesian rhythms


Poi Spinning

-Beginner Poi

-Intermediate Poi Spinning (Also available course weekly, Tuesdays 6:00-7:00 PM, East Memphis Studio)

-Technique: Flowers

-Technique: Weaves

-Technique: Butterflys & Opposites

-Technique: Hybrids

-Technique: Pendulums, Floats, Stalls

-Technique: Exploring behind the back moves

-Dance with Poi

-Poi Choreography


Fusion Dance with Natalia (High Energy)

-Dance with Electronic Music, Latin Flavor, African Rhythms, Jazz, Hip-Hop

-Mixture of various dance styles and techniques for a full body workout

-Recommended for semi-private or group instruction



Frequently Asked Question


Belly Dance FAQ:

Why choose us?

Our classes teach the techniques of belly dance at your own pace. Whether you have dance experience or are learning for the first time, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and have fun during your workout. We make sure you learn something new every class to take home and add to your own workout routine. In addition, we have unique events in class every month from our hand drummers teaching us rhythms to the “only dance class with blacklight”. Treat your body to a fun workout while learning the art of belly dance.


What to wear? 

Comfortable work out clothes like stretchy pants or capris. Bare feet, socks, or dance shoes. Tank tops, t-shirt, or the like. We provide a hip sash adorned with coins, so you can really see (and hear) your movements. 


Can I sign up for just one class?

You can always drop-in on a class with pre-registration via web, phone, or email. Our classes do fill up quickly so make sure to reserve your spot. If you do not feel comfortable in a group setting, Natalia Dance offers private and semi-private lessons. If you have a group of 5 or more girls, you can create your own class time and day at your convenience. 


Poi Spinning Class FAQ

What is Poi?

Poi is performance art in which balls are suspended from a flexible cord and spun in patterns around the body. Poi is based in New Zealand and is great for exercise and psychological health. Our class teaches you everything you need to know to begin spinning on your own. Practice poi fit in your purse or bag for convenient carry. Other types of poi are made with LED lights or tailed fabric for a visual effect. Natalia’s Boutique offers practice poi, LED poi, and tailed fabric poi.


What do I need for the first class?

Comfortable clothes- nothing excessively baggy. We provide practice poi at every class, which is also available for purchase. 


Zumba Class FAQ

What is a Zumba Class?

Natalia’s Zumba Dance class is unlike any other class. You will be dancing to music from around the world to include belly dance, latin, african, and electronic. While learning different dance styles, you will get to use several dance props to enhance your workout: hula hoops, canes, wings, fans, and more. 


What to wear?

Comfortable workout clothes. Footwear choice is optional- tennis shoes, socks, bare, or dance. We provide a belly dance accessory hip sash to get you really groovin’ to the beat. 


Fitness Hoop FAQ

Fitness hula hooping is a great way to exercise outdoors, in your living room, at the park, or just about anywhere you have room to move around. Fitness hula hoops are weighted to work all the muscles of the body. You will never get bored with hula hooping. Natalia’s hoop class will teach you how to hula hoop around the waist, knees, arms, chest, and above your head. Take hula hooping to the next level with our hoop dance class.