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Snake Dancer - Snake Dancers - Snake Charmers

Hire our Professional Snake Dancers for Your next Event. Our live snakes are friendly, non-poisonous, trained snakes owned by our dancers. Our Snake Dancers have Pythons and Boas that have been handled their entire life. Book our Snake Dancers as your Main Act, Roaming throughout the event, or Greeting Guests for Photos ops as they enter the event. Ask us what we recommend for your event.


Our Snakes are available for Movies, Film, TV, Private Events, Corporate Events, Private Parties, and much more. Contact us Today to Book our Snake Dancers or Snakes individually.

We have several species of snakes – a Columbian Red Tail Boa, a Madagascar Dumeril Boa, a Burmese Python, and more. We are fully insured and always have an additional trainer on site at your event.  

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