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The Dancing Fire Sets Singapore Formula 1 Ablaze: L.A. Fire Dancers Delight Grand Prix Fans The recent Singapore F1 races were chock full of several exciting acts, including L.A. based "The Dancing Fire,"which media outlets praised as “masterful” and “hypnotically stunning.” Men’s-Folio’s ranked the high-octane routines as their 2nd reason to attend the weekend. The company has been quickly growing in popularity since its 2012 inception, and now their fiery act is spreading globally.

Los Angeles, CA, October 07, 2015 –(– Besides the thrilling races, the other spectacle igniting excited fans into a frenzy at the recent Singapore Formula One, was The Dancing Fire. The Dancing Fire, the popular Los Angeles based entertainment company, has been pushing the boundaries of fire dancing and live entertainment since their inception a few short years ago.

Mens-Folio online raved that The Dancing Fire’s performances were “masterful” and “spellbinding” and they listed them as the number 2 reason not to miss the F1 weekend. Men’s Health Magazine quipped “What’s a huge party without stunts and daredevil tricks?” and that The Dancing Fire delivered with their “high energy” performances. described their performances as “hypnotically stunning spectacles.”

The Dancing Fire has continued to grow in popularity due in part to the versatile, talented, and fearless artist at the helm of the company, Brittany Nichole Chandler. Her dedication 
to creating unique performances for all types of events, hand crafting and maintaining the company’s
own fire props, and showcasing hardworking, attractive, talented dancers who are
skilled in an array of dance techniques and cirque skills has let her company burn
 away the competition.

Chandler’s intense drive, combined with the company’s genuine skill and artistry has led
them to be a headlining act globally, and allowed them to share the stage with Maroon 5, Pharell
Williams, and Bon Jovi among others, at the recent Singapore F1.

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