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 Belly Dance Coin Belts or Hip Sashes are tied around the waist for practice, performance, or a cute addition to an outfit. Our coin belts can be tied anywhere comfortably – typically in front or on the side. Our hip sashes come in a variety of colors and are one size fits all. 

Fitness hula hooping, or Hoop Dance, is the hottest new workout for 2013. Get ahead of the trend and start losing weight before the 2012 year is up! Our fitness hoops are weighted from 1.5 – 2.5 lbs. We recommend the 2 pound weight because a very heavy hoop will restrict your hoop dance tricks to only the waist and also tire-you-out quickly. To get maximum hoop dance fun and benefits, we recommend our weight for fitness hula hoops. Become a hoop dancer today and get your new fitness hula hoop.

 The Dancing Fire offers Fitness Hula Hoops for both Adults & Kids. Our hoops are customized to your height and size unlike department store hoops. A properly sized hula hoop is the difference between night and day! 

Fitness Hoops are available in all colors and sizes! Sorry, we do not currently ship fitness hoops- only delivery or pick up for those in the Los Angeles area at this time. Please see our hoop page for additional details.