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Fire Poi Spinning originated with the Maori people of New Zealand. The tools, also called poi, resemble juggling balls attached to a string. The poi are spun in patterns – best seen when using fire poi or glow poi. All of our fire performers are skilled in poi.

Choose from Fire Poi or Glow Poi
Our fire poi and glow poi shows are an excitement to watch for any occasion. Whether you have a fire poi dancer at your wedding or a glow poi spinner at your private birthday party, we customize the show with choreography, costume, and music. Our fire performers also eat fire and utilize many different fire tools. See our fire performance page for more details.

Hawaiian Style Poi and Belly Dance Poi Spinning
Our poi spinners are all at the advanced level and we fuse poi with different styles of dance such as hawaiian, belly dance, hip-hop, jazz, and electronic.


Poi Spinning is one of the most requested and hardest of fire performance props – think of a fiery ball of fire attached to a single chain – and our dancers use 2 of them at once.
Combine maori fire poi and the dance of tahiti and hawaii for the ultimate polynesian fire show. Both our male and female hula dancers and tahitian dancers perform with fire. Perfect for your luau party or poolside event.