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Hire Authentic Fire Knife Dancers for Your Event
The Dancing Fire’s top Fire Knife Dancers are based in Los Angeles, California and travel around the globe performing with our Hula/Tahitian Group at Private Events, Corporate Events, Product Launches, and Much More.

The Samoan Fire Knife is the most dangerous of all fire performance acts we offer. Made famous by the Samoans, the fire knife dance consists of a sharp fiery blade spun in rapid motions around the body. Our fire knife dancers are very advanced and come from years of experience – all of our fire knife dancers began learning at a young age. Add the samoan fire knife to your polynesian dance package with us and amaze your guests with the ultimate fire dance finale.

fire knife dancer tricks
Eye-Popping Tricks

The fire knife dance involves certain elements passed down through generations of fire knife dancers. The history of the knife dance goes back hundreds of years with the addition of fire in the 1940’s. Witness this eye-popping performance yourself in your own backyard or venue. 

Hire Our Authentic Fire Knife Performers for your Event or Luau Party
We perform the fire knife dance in all types of spaces – ask us if your space is appropriate for our fire performances. Indoor performances are common and we can help determine if your space is safe for the fire knife dancers and audience members.